Friday, July 27, 2012

Top 10 essential android apps in photography that you must install

I always see a common question in different forums that is " is it possible to increase camera quality ?" or "How to increase camera quality of my phone ? " , well the answer is  "NO". Because Camera is a hardware part of your phone , and you can't upgrade it. But you can be more creative with your capture and  give some extra touch to your photos so that they look a bit more rich than original.
In android market there exist many app which allow you to do that . But like external memory your internal memory is not expandable . So you should consider those apps which are worth to install . The following list contains top 10 essential photography apps that you must install . Please note that these apps is not listed according to there rank because ranking system is  applicable only when all the elements reside in same category . Although these apps are photography apps but they are different in their nature (some for cature pics , some for editing etc) All these apps are best in there respective field .You must try them.

Here is the list of  top 10 essential photography apps that you must install.

1. HDR Camera pro
           Use it as default camera app and capture high quality HDR images in full resolution. Vivid  colors and rich detail.

 2. Time Lapse Pro
         Capture astonishing time-lapse videos from your phone.

3. Magic Hour Camera 
            Transform your ordinary photos to extraordinary ones.

 4. AfterFocus Pro 
             Bring DSLR-like Photography to Your Smartphone

 5.  PicsPlay Pro  
            Discover your creativeness by this great all in one image editing app.

6. Paper Camera
            See the world through a novel, original, stylish and captivating lens.Real time  cartoon and painting effects displayed on your camera feed

 7. TouchRetouch
            Get rid of unwanted content from your picture 

8. Pano
            Take 360 degree  panoramic photograph .

9. Fast Burst Camera
           Take high speed photography . 

10 .Shot Control 
           For  better control, monitor, and manage the Android photography experience.


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